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Setup VPN to Access Home Lab

I have been recently working on a personal project to access my home lab from outside home. My Home lab has a mac mini server 2012 where i have baremetal ESXi running instead of OSX.
I have an ADSL 2 conection at my home where modem/router functionality is both handeled by the same device. The modem/router does not have VPN functionality inbuild. My ISP is Telstra here in Australia.
Modem/Router Model : Technicolor TG799vac (Telstra Gateway MAX)

I bought an ASUS RT-68U router, the stock Firmware (ASUSWRT) on this router has openVPN server built in. After some research, i formulated a plan to configure my current Telstra modem/router in Bridge mode and use ASUS RT-68U as the primary wifi device for my home network. Here is the plan:

  • Telstra modem has a LAN IP address of
    • Login to and take screenshots of all tabs that might be useful
    • Record your ISP username and figure out the password. You’ll need to use this while setting us ASUS RT-68U router
  • Poweron ASUS RT-68U router and check if it boots up, i mean make sure it’s not faulty
  • Configure Telstra Modem/Router in Bridge Mode
    • Have a laptop directly connected with ethernet cable to Telstra router
    • Go to
    • Go to Advanced
      • Turn off wifi for 2.4 and 5.0 GHZ (also guest wifi)
    • Go to Local Network
      • Scroll to Bridge Mode
      • Confirm
    • The router/model restarts in to bridge mode
    • The router will have RED LEDs, don’t worry
    • As a second measure, turn off wifi with the button on the front of the router/modem
    • After reboot, the router is still accessible via however, does not have all the tabs previously available
  • Now verify if internet is working by setting up a PPPoE connection
  • Connect ASUS RT-68U to Telstra modem
    • plug the LAN port from Telstra modem in to WAN port of ASUS RT-68U router
    • restart ASUS RT-68U
    • plug your laptop to one of the LAN ports on ASUS RT-68U
    • ASUS router web page automatically opens up else use the default IP address in the setup sheet which comes with ASUS RT-68U
    • Setup ASUS RT-68U with your Telstra username and password and configure Wifi
    • Connect your devices to new wifi and verify everything works
  • For VPN, Go to Advanced Settings -> VPN -> OpenVPN
    • Setup using Advanced Settings, use TUN instead of TAP
    • OpenVPN server on ASUS RT-68U assigns an IP address in the range which is different to Local LAN IP range. With this IP address you cannot ping any of local devices. You will need to add a static route in OpenVPN settings page, to get this functionality working
      • push “route <local-LAN-IP-range> <subnet-mask>”
      • e.g push “route”
      • OpenVPN-Route
  • Connect to Home VPN from outside on a MAC

Evernote Search Tips


any (converts AND to OR)
e.g. any: nitish sumit kirti

tag:apple tag:microsoft (AND)
any: tag:apple tag:microsoft (OR)


intitle:”Health Check”

created (YYYYMMDD)
created:20151224 (created on or after this date)
created:20151224 -created:20151225 (give me notes created exactly on December 24 2015)

created:day-1 (notes created yesterday)
created:week-1 (notes created 1 week ago)
created:month-3 -created:month-2 (notes created 3 months ago)


todo:true (done)
todo:false (not done)


resource:image/png (png, gif, jpg, jpeg)
resource:application/ (Matches notes with one or more ink resources)

source (notes created within MS Word)

Use + or – to Include or Exclude Certain Words
+microsoft -google

Use Wildcards
‘*’ -> search everything
“netapp” -> search for exact word