Rendezvous with NetApp AFF A700 All Flash Array

A few days back i got an opportunity to visit Data Centre to setup NetApp AFF A700 All Flash Array. I was very exited. It’s been a long wait to get hands on with new shiny Flash Arrays from NetApp.
Although this storage system looks small in size, however, when it comes to peformance, it’s a beast.
We got this system for a POC (proof of concept), A700 storage controller and a Disk shelf with 3.8TB SSD drives.

I clicked some pictures while setting up the storage array.

A700 Front

A700 Rear



Hickups after Powering on the Storage Controller
After powering on the disk shelf and the storage controller, the console on my mac showed ASCII characters. I immediately figured out, this is an incorrect Baud Rate issue. The usual baud rate of 9600 is not going to work properly. After changing multiple values, i used the baud rate to setup NetApp E Series systems and it worked fine. It took about 1 hour to figure out the correct value. The documentation provided by NetApp didn’t have the proper Baud Rate value for connecting to storage console.

If any of you reading this post are going to be working with NetApp AFF A series systems please use the Baud Rate: 115200 for connecting to storage array console.

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