Integrate Oncommand Performance Manager with Oncommand Unified Manager

Oncommand Performance Manager is the Performance Management component of Unified Manager. Both these products are self contained, however, they can be integrated so that all performance events can be viewed from Unified Manager Dashboard.

In this post we deploy a new instance of Performance Manager vApp on an ESXi host and integrate with a running instance of Unified Manager.

Software components used:

  • Oncommand Unified Manager Version 6.2P1
  • Oncommand Performance Manager Version 2.0.0RC1

Setup Performance Manager

Import OnCommandPerformanceManager-netapp-2.0.0RC1.ova file


After the ova file is imported you may face issues powering on.


As the vApp has CPU and Memory reservations set. In a lab environment with limited resources we can remove the reservations to boot up the vApp.


After the vApp boots up, you need to Install VMware tools to proceed further.

As the installation progress, the setup wizard automatically runs to configure TimeZone, Networking (static/dynamic), Creation of Maintenance user, generate SSL certificate and starts Performance Manager services. Once complete, log in to Performance Manager console and verify settings (Network, DNS, timezone)

OPM_ConsoleNow login to Performance manager Web UI and complete the setup wizard. Do not enable Autosupport for vApp deployed in the Lab environment.

Login_OPMOpen Administration Tab (Top right corner)OPM_Administration

Setup Connection with Unified Manager

To view Performance events in Unified Manager Dashboard a connection between Performance Manager and Unified Manager must be made.

Setting up a Connection includes creating a specialized Events Publisher user in the Unified Manager web UI and enabling the Unified Manager server connection in the maintenance console of the Performance Manager server.

  • Click Administration -> Manage Users
  • In the Manage Users page, click Add
  • In the Add User dialog box, select Local User for type and Event Publisher for role and enter the other required information
  • click Add


Connect Performance Manager to Unified Manager from vApp console



This completes the Integration part with Unified Manager. You can integrate multiple Performance Manager Servers with a single Unified Manager Server. When Performance Manager generates performance events they pass on to the Unified Manager server and are viewed on the Unified Manager Dashboard. So the admin keeps monitoring one window instead of logging in to multiple Performance Manager web UI’s.

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